Customizing the UI/CSS of Video Call Component

Is there any way to customize the css of the video call component? My application’s body width is only a few hundred px wide and it doesn’t fit all the elements of the video call component. Would like to edit their sizes, positioning, ect. Thanks.

Hello @raymondvooo,

If you are using our JS SDK v2.0.x, then it does not have a customizable UI. However, we have been working on creating a completely customizable audio/video calling component. We have a beta version of it live(v2.1.0-beta1). It includes the new UI and the customizable UI is on its way. You can track this feature request on the link given below. I have added a vote on your behalf. You will get updates directly via email.

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Mayur Bhandari

Ok thanks. I will keep note of this. Also, since my application has a small width, these notification banners get cut off, and I’m not able to dismiss them. It would be great if their sizes changed based on the size of the iframe so that users could dismiss them.

Hello @raymondvooo,

We are communicating with you here. So to maintain single point of contact we are closing this thread.

Hope this helps. Appreciate your patience.

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