Delay on establishing call connection

Hi Team,
Once the call received from sender end…There is a screen mentioning

Connecting you to your… after 2-3 seconds

Why there is a delay?

It should happen within second. How to rectify it.

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We understand that there is some delay while establishing the connection between two users. However, as it takes some time to successfully set up the connection and authorise the users, this delay is bound to be there. We will check at our end on how we can reduce the delay. We are also in the process of revamping our Calling Component completely and that should considerably reduce the amount of time taken to set up the connection. However, since this is a major architectural change and involves various modifications to our core calling component, we cannot provide you with a definite timeline for the same. These modifications also include allowing the developers to completely customise the UI and other operations related to the calling functionality. This should also help you resolve your problem mentioned in Audio call is always on loudspeaker.
We will keep you posted regarding the same.
Appreciate your patience.


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