Distorted Video in iOS

Distorted video feed within the iOS SDK when connected to the JavaScript SDK using the Chrome browser on Android.

CometChat Kitchen Sink iPhone App

iOS SDK connected to JavaScript SDK Chrome on Desktop computer - works
iOS SDK connected to JavaScript SDK Safari on iOS - works
iOS SDK connected to JavaScript SDK Chrome on Android - distorted video
iOS SDK connected to Android SDK on Android - works

The distortion only appears on the iOS side. Both front and rear camera appear distorted. On the JavaScript side, both video feeds appear correctly.

Android Device: Pixel 3a
Android OS version: Android 11
Chrome version: 90.0.4430.66
CometChat JavaScript SDK: 2.3.1

iOS Device: iPhone Xs
iOS version: 14.4.2
CometChat SDK: 2.3.2
App: CometChat Kitchen Sink

I tested with the 3.0 SDK and encountered the same issue. Connecting users from mobile web to the native SDK is a core component to the app we are building.

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Hi @blacktop , thank you for sharing.
I have reached out to you via email to help resolve this.
Our team has identified the issue, and we will keep you updated on the progress.
Thank you!