Echo on speaking & Loudspeaker on audio call

Hi Team,

On connecting the audio call there is only option to speak in on loudspeaker… Its not like normal call and now we are hearing echo while the other end user speaks.

Can you rectify the issue.

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I’m facing the same issue

Hi Team,
Waiting for the response

Hi @aupriya,

If you are using SDK v2.1.0-beta7 then you can switch to earpiece by clicking on speaker icon.
By default when you initiate the call it’s in speaker mode.

@darshan.bhanushali OK i will try and let you know


I have updated the version you mentioned above now the issue i face is

When i make an audio call… the video camera ON and its like video call not audio call i have to manually disable that. How to resolve this?

it gets crash in three scenario

  1. if 2 people try to call at the same time…
  2. if the app is in background and the call activity is answered
  3. if the old call isn’t ended in right way


Crash logs not obtained as these are happening while testing the app runtime.

Any third party log detector if you suggest that will help us to track the log to share with you.

I have implemented crashlytics but on Cometchat crashes there is no proper indication

i will share what i received line 123$3.onError line 2151$H.handleMessage line 1280



if 2 people call at the same time i get the incoming and outgoing at the same activity.

and if i decline the call in both call get disconnected but the ringing music is playing i have to kill the app to stop it

@darshan.bhanushali & Team,

Waiting for the response

Hello @aupriya
Apologies for the back and forth, can you please try the version 2.1.0-beta2. Since the 2.1.0 version is in beta, there are a few changes that have been omitted from the final release. Do let us know if the camera being on for audio call issue is resolved.
Regarding multiple call handling, we should be able to provide you with a version by the end of this week as it requires certain modifications in the SDK and once done, the UI Kit also needs to be modified.

Hope this helps


The camera is not on audio call but other than that i facing more issues

The version 2.1.0-beta2 i am getting more crashes…the call is not at all stable.

The CometchatcallActivity page
I am staring the call in A device… Call getting received in B device only when the app is open…

Push notification sometimes i am receiving sometimes not.

Even after attending the call on device B the device A not moving to the connecting and audio/video call ongoing page.

on ending the call or on screen off crash on both the device but crash details not in log…(on 2.1.0 beta7)

onpressing the back button of ongoing cometchatcallactivity screen i am getting crash shared the screenshot of log here

Help me…

@aditya.gokulav @darshan.bhanushali

Waiting for the response

@aditya.gokula , @darshan.bhanushali and Team

Help us to resolve this

Hello @aupriya
As mentioned earlier the features to customise calling UI and loudspeaker to earpiece switching are in beta. We are constantly working on this to make this better. However, we would not suggest using the same in production. If you are looking to add CometChat to an app already in production, we would not suggest using the beta version. You can continue to use 2.0.3 version and wait for the stable release of 2.1.0 which will have the calling customisation and loudspeaker to earpiece switch feature.

We also plan to release version 2.0.4 by tomorrow end of the day.
Hope this helps



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