Email notifications stopped working

Hey nice peeps,
I’m so sorry to be back again but we’ve started having some issues with the email notifications. Our SendGrid + CometChat Pro set-up worked before and then suddenly yesterday it stopped. I validated all the configuration options for the extension (the cometchat api key, the sendgrid key, the template ID, the unsubscribe ID) and all of them match valid credentials. (They were not changed, but I tripple checked regardless), I tried sending multiple messages to multiple users both from our implementation of the chat and the API directly without the chat open, just to make sure the message remains unread. The users have a valid @private metadata object. I can send test email from SendGrid and it arrives.

How could we get this working again?

Hi @beez,

I checked and it’s working fine.
Kindly check and feel free to let us know.

Warm Regards,
CometChat Team

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