Extensions don't seem to be working

I’m currently on the Trial plan for CometChatPro. I’ve spent quite a bit of time attempting to get Push Notifications working which don’t appear to be sending based on what I can tell when viewing the Firebase Cloud Messaging Reports (zero sends). I can send them directly from Firebase to a subscriber successfully but if I attempt to send through CometChat Messages (Dashboard) or via app nothing works. I’ve read the docs and the code from the sample app.

I’m also unable to get the Profanity filter working. I added the extension, added words to be ***** out and nothing happens when my words are typed via chat. I believe I have both enabled correctly albeit the UI is confusing. The column is titled “enable/disable” however if you toggle to the left the control goes to a disabled state (gray). Toggled to the right (purple) aligns under “disabled”. Either way I have tried both settings to no avail.

This is leading me to believe the extensions aren’t working. Is this due to being on the Trial?

Hello @sid,

Here are my comments to your queries:

  1. Push Notification: If you’re able to receive push notification from firebase console then push notification setup properly. To receive push notifications from CometChat you need to make sure about below things:
  1. Profanity Filter: After adding the profanity filter it won’t reflect directly on UI. You’ll receive the updated results in metadata of the particular message.

Hi @pushpsen.airekar thanks for replying.

I’ve added the FCM Server Key. I’ve even tried the FB Legacy key just in case and neither work.
I’ve also subscribed the users appropriately. I can find the subscribed users inside Firebase. This is how I am sending test messages directly to them.

Perhaps I’m not understanding how Push is supposed to work with CometChat. I am sending a chat message to a user when they are offline. My assumption is that the user who is offline, should receive a push notification to their device that they have received a chat message. Is this correct or am I entirely mistaken as to when a user should receive a push notification?

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Hello @sid,

Please refer our push notification sample app for more clarification regarding push notification implementation. https://github.com/cometchat-pro-samples/ios-swift-push-notification-app.

Still, if you’re facing any issues with push notifications then let us know and connect with us on our public slack channel so that we can assist you as early as possible.

Public slack channel: https://cometchat.slack.com/

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@sid For Profanity Filter Extension, please check:

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