Extensions don't seem to update the Message List


I’m currently evaluating @cometchat-pro/chat:3.0.0-beta6 and none of the extensions seem to be updating the MessageList, GroupList or Conversations. When I refresh the page manually or switch from one conversation to another they appear but only then. When I create one, nothing happens - as if the Event Listener doesn’t get triggered.

So far I’ve tried Whiteboard, Reactions, Polls and Collab Documents.

The same seems to happens when I try to post a poll and have the Chat enabled via Widget.

Any support would be much appreciated


Can you share a few more details please?

  1. Are you trying this for React Native or Web platform?
  2. Whether you are trying our UI Kit. If yes, then which one is it?
  3. A short recording of the issue to help us understand it better.



  1. Its the React Web Plattform - Version 3.0.06-beta
  2. See above but it also happens when i use it as a Chat Widget

Whenever any Reaction, Poll or any other Extension gets sent to your servers it doesn’t update the conversation. Only when you switch conversations can you see the conversation updated (with their respective Message Bubbles)

If it helps i can provide a video