Firefox Problem

Hi, I used CometChat Pro v2.0.6 for my Angular 8 application.
1 ) I have a problem with Firefox Browser that it could not open audio automatically as Chrome Browsers.

Also I noticed that when I want to use different browser, Voice could not be send to other user

a ) Chrome to Chrome (Everything works)
b ) Firefox to Firefox (Everything works)
c ) Chrome to Fireofx or Firefox to Chrome voice could not be transferred

Hello @musacavus,

We are looking into this issue and have created a GitHub issue for the same. Kindly watch the GitHub issue for further updates. I am sharing the link to the GitHub issue below.

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Could you please help how to solve this issue “Feature Policy: Skipping unsupported feature name “camera,microphone”.”. As the camera and microphone is linked but still this is showing some permission error.



Please Could you explain me ? Where should I write the code you sent this.

Hello @abinash.mohapatra & @musacavus,

You do not have to add this code. We have made these changes and will make a beta release for the same soon.

Hello @musacavus & @abinash.mohapatra ,

We are working on improving the cross-browser audio/video calling. You can track the progress of this issue at the link given below.

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Hello @musacavus & @abinash.mohapatra,

We’ve identified this issue affecting a few of our customers and have released a patch. This issue was due to SSL handshakes timing out. Please confirm if everything is working as expected. Please let us know if you face any issues.