Getting all read messages after logout and login again

When I logged out and log in again in comet chat. I am getting all read messages again in
MessagesRequest.MessageRequestBuilder().set(unread: true*).set(limit: msgLimit).build()

@jeet.kapadia @pushpsen.airekar please verify this.

Hello @Pawan_Ramteke,

We have checked this issue and it seems that we are able to get unread messages for the first time only (the messages which are not read by the user). Again we have tried it by logout and login with the same user and then checked it, and we are able to fetch zero messages because those messages are already read by the user.

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Hi @Pawan_Ramteke

Can you please check and confirm the same if it’s still replicates at your end. Do let us know the would love to help you out and find the root cause of it.

This is actually happening with the old user only. For new users its working fine.

Hi @Pawan_Ramteke

Okay, Sad to hear that please give us sometime so that we can find the root cause of the issue and will update you soon.

Hi @Pawan_Ramteke,

Please check the message I sent you at and reply to it with the requested details.

Hi @Pawan_Ramteke

We are closing this issue due to inactivity. Please feel free to open a new issue if you face it again