Group chat/Chat read count not reducing even after reading the messages

Message counts are not getting reduced even after reading some messages, in group as well in one to one chat

Oh it’s not just me then. Have you recently moved from v2 to v3?

We are in V3 only, 2 weeks back only we have started integrating it …but message count issues are available in their demo app as well… Not sure how to fix it…

I would make sure that your code uses markAsRead with the 4 params signature :slight_smile: See

Ohk…my code uses only 3 params,
CometChat.markAsRead(baseMessage.getId(), baseMessage.getReceiverUid(), baseMessage.getReceiverType());

Should I change this to 4 param to make it work ? ie; CometChat.markAsRead(messageId, receiverId, receiverType, senderId);

Yeah try this CometChat.markAsRead(baseMessage.getId(), baseMessage.getSender().getUid(), baseMessage.getReceiverType(), baseMessage.getSender().getUid());

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sure, Thanks for the help…let me try and update u …

Thanks, It worked …

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