Group/Conversation changes while offline?

I have a Group list view and Conversation list view separately.

I have no problem fetching lists & listening to real time events to update the list.
However, if I become offline, and maybe new Group or Conversation is created while I was offline, then how would I fetch these new Group/Conversation when I come back online again?


Hello @Min.P

You can use the Connection Listeners to get the real-time status of the connection to the CometChat web-socket servers. Once the connection breaks, the SDK tries to reconnect to the server internally. Once the SDK successfully reconnects to the CometChat server it will trigger the onConnected() method. You can then fetch the groups/conversations list again to get the latest groups/conversations.

Hope this helps.

Warm Regards,

Mayur Bhandari

I was also facing the same issue but using connection Listeners I can fix it. But unable to fetch conversations. Can you help?

Hi @Johncaeter851s,

Can you please let us know what issue you are facing while fetching conversations? Can you please share the error you are getting? Also, can you please share the code snippet of fetching conversations?

Warm Regards,

Mayur Bhandari