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Question regarding group members rights.
Using library 2.0.8-beta2.
The group and adding of members is done with the REST Api and are setup beforehand.
One of the users is assigned as admin and the other one as participant.

Now as both users in the group load their page the admin user in the group can initiate a call to the group to start a video connection. This works and the other user accept and on both sides the videoscreen starts loading. The admin user browser = FireFox and the participant browser = Chrome, by trial and error it looks like that whoever joins the videochat session first gets the group creator role and has the power to kick the admin. This is specially the case when the browser on the admin side is asking for access to the mic and cam before hand. If the participant browser does not ask for that it means he joins faster and becomes the group creator. Could you confirm this is how it works atm? and is it possible to somehow transfer the group creator right to another person when everyone joined?

The goal is to get the rights matching the rights given through the REST Api even if the participant is faster in joining the room than the admin who is delayed cause of accepting browser permissions regarding mic/cam.


Hello @Syzygy ,

We have released a preliminary beta with a cleaner UI and a few optimizations. You can test this by updating the SDK to v2.1.0-beta1.

Warm Regards,

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Mayur Bhandari

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