Handle calls when app is killed or is in background

Hello, i want to know, is there anyway to handle calls when the app is in background or killed. i tried to open a killed app when there is an incoming call but it seems like the call listener doesn’t get the information of any call.
i’m currently using React Native SDK v2.1.6

Hello @saiganeshtanneru,

The listeners are real-time so after you open a killed app the real-time When you get the call and the app is killed you have already missed the real-time event. You can use our push notification extension to get a notification of call when the app is killed and on the click of the notification, you can show the incoming call screen.

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Mayur Bhandari

Thank You @mayur.bhandari, i used the sessionid of an ongoing group call which i missed a realtime event since i killed the app and reopened. After calling Acceptincomingcall() method and startcall() method. i see the call UI but the call is not connected Also how to handle when the call is disconnected already and the user tries to connect the call?

@mayur.bhandari could you please answer me the above questions i’ve mentioned. I’m half way there i need to get this working