hasBlockedMe and blockedByMe is always "false" on Recent Conversation List - Ionic

After blocking a user, ConversationsRequestBuilder().fetchNext() still returns hasBlockedMe and blockedByMe as false.

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Hello @markrec,

Thank you for reporting the issue.
We are able to reproduce the issue at our end.

Please follow the Github issue for the further update:

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Hi @markrec,

The keys hasBlockedMe and hasBlockedByMe are redundant in conversation list and will be removed.

Thank you for reporting this.

Hi @markrec,

The keys hasBlockedMe and hasBlockedByMe are not returned via REST API for the conversation list.

In the User object of SDK, these keys have a default value set as false.

As such, these values from User Objects retrieved from the Conversation object should not be used to determine whether the user relationship is blocked.

Whenever user, tries to load a Chat view from the conversation, CometChat.getUser() needs to be called which returns user details along with the user relationship.

Please feel free to let us know if you face any other issues with CometChat.

Warm regards,

Ketan Yekale,
CometChat Team


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