Have made a demo Using angular UI kit..what do i need to install on server for this to work?


We are using angular UI kit to develop on. When we work on localhost we start the server nodeJS server by starting the npm. When we install this on server what do we need to start the server ? what all is needed to run this in server ? We using cent/ubuntu server.

please advice.


Hello @nexzen,
You need to deploy the dist folder which is created running npm run build command on the server. No need to start the server. No other dependencies as such.

Hi @priyadarshini.nadar, Thanks for your help. Will just check on the thing and update.

Meanwhile we are making an online trade show module wherein there are 2 places where the chat/video call functionality will come.

  1. A visitor goes to an exhibitors stall and clicks on the chat button to initiate one to one chat. (For this we have used the javascript comet chat functions and developed it ourselves.) Do we have any design elements ready for this approach or we will have to make everything ourselves ?

  2. A common chat area where every logged user is shown and everybody can chat/call one another at their convenience. We are using the angular JS thing but as said before we need to start the nodeJS server or else it doesn’t work.

Any suggestions from your side as to what we can do to handle these 2 approaches amicably.

Thnaks a lot,

Hi @nexzen,

You can use our Chat widget. You can find it under the Extensions section of the CometChat Pro Dashboard. Enable the extension, go to the settings of Chat Widget and create new.
You can configure widget settings as per your need.

Let me know if you need further help.

Thanks for the info. We made a chat widget but as we call it from the exhibitor side it give an error "Uncaught (in promise) Error : No available storage method found.


Could you please attach a screenshot of the implementation and the error.

We’re looking into it and will get back to you soon.

Hi @nexzen,

We have found out that the browser settings is not allowing localStorage.
Can you please try this: https://tips.tutorialhorizon.com/2016/08/18/allowenable-localstorage-in-chrome/