How to check user response time in group

I saw this post but I’m seeking another approach without using timers. I think it can be achieved by calculating the timestamps in the Messages history. Can someone suggest the specific steps to achieve this? Using REST API.

Thank you

I think this is my approach.


  • The group contains Agents and a Customer.
  • Response Time means how long it took Agent to respond to Customer. (Not how long it took the Agent to respond to another Agent).


  1. Determine group members who are “Agents” and who is the Customer.
  2. For each Agent UID, get his groups he belongs to, and iterate through the Messages in the group to find Messages where sender is the Agent. If the message at the previous index was sent from the Customer, this is how long the Agent took to respond to the Customer. Calculate the difference between the two timestamps.

Please suggest any feedback or improvements.

Thank you.

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Hello @vcamp ,

Yes, this is the approach even i can think of, since at our end we do not store any such analytics info.
We would recommend you to proceed with this.