How to get correct user data for voice calls


I am using CometChatPro 2.0.x and I am not finding anywhere in the documentation or examples on how to handle retrieving the correct user data for video calls such as their avatar and name. The UI Kit Sample doesn’t seem to retrieve the correct user info during video calls (screenshot below), but I see some write ups done in the CometChat tutorial section where the ongoing video calls display the correct user avatar. On the UI Kit and in my application, each of the users in the call has a username and avatar, yet the avatar is blank the and user name is “User”. Can I get some help please? I am using React. (these are for group video calls if that matters)

Hello @raymondvooo,

Unfortunately, it is not possible as of now. However, we are working on a new customizable calling component that has these out of the box. You can try our new calling component. It is still in beta but we are working towards a stable release in the coming weeks. Just update the JS SDK to v2.1.0-beta1 to use our new calling component.

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Mayur Bhandari

Ok, good to know @mayur.bhandari. Thanks.