How to opt out from receiving action messages from editing a message?

CometChat.editMessage(updatedMessage, new CometChat.CallbackListener<BaseMessage>() {

The above snippet is used for editing a message in our app but the problem is, we get an action message for every message we edit. It is possible to do the validations in the client for the chat screen by ignoring the action messages of edited type but it is not possible to not get the action message while retrieving conversations, Conversation object has the lastMessage object which returns the action message if the user edits a message.

Like to have:
A param in editMessage() that avoids sending action messages if set to true.

@aditya.gokula can you please look into this and let us know whether it’s possible?

Hello @Deepan,
Apologies for the delayed response. At our end we do not add the action messages for Message Edited and Message Deleted as the last message for the conversations. This has always been the logic at our end.
In case you are still facing this issue, please let us know and we will be happy to dig deeper into this and provide you with a solution at the earliest.