How to send Location and contacts in chat

I want to add functionalities of send location and contacts to another user via chat, Please help me how can i do this in java code.

Hi @avisharma.11,

You can use a custom message to share location and contact with another user.
Please check the below documentation link.

how can i check which is custom message or not in adapter class.

Hi @avisharma.11,

You can add multiple views in your Adapter class to differentiate various types of message.

You can refer our sample app adapter class :

I am not using UI kit, Please help me in java sample app.

Hi @avisharma.11,

Can you share us the link of java sample app you are referring. ?

old code of java sample app is not available on that url now.

Hello @avisharma.11,
We have migrated our sample apps to use our latest UI Kits. Currently the UI Kits do not have the location sharing feature. However, we do plan to add the same to our UI Kits. For now, you can refer to the below documentation for how to send location and contacts. This can be easily achieved using the CustomMessage feature provided by the CometChat SDK.

Hope this helps


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