I am not able to delete message it delete from sender side but not updated reciever side

I am not able to delete the message it deletes from the sender side but not updated receiver side.
Means when I delete the message it shows changes only my side, not the receiver side )
Please provide me solution.

Hello @ankita,

Please find the documentation of delete message below.

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I have used same But delete listener is not working All listener is working but Delete listener is not.

Hello @ankita,

Can you please let us know what version of the SDK are you using and also can you please share code snippet of the Listeners and deleteMessage?

Hi, @mayur.bhandari
I am using - @cometchat-pro/chat : 2.0.7-beta2, I am using this method on the delete button click.

And also on the Listener, I am using like that –

Thanks for your Reply.

Hello @ankita,

Please update CometChat JS SDK to the latest version v2.0.12, and please let us know if the issue still persist.

Warm Regards,

CometChat Pro
Mayur Bhandari

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Now I am using @cometchat-pro/chat : “^2.0.12” this. And now I am able to delete the Messages.