I have add Cometchat on my website but its not working


I added appID & region but not coming any chat on my website can you please help for this

i have integrated https://www.cometchat.com/go/ this SDK on my website .can you please check this

Hello @joe,

It looks like you are using CometChat Go and this forum is for queries related to CometChat Pro. For CometChat Go related queries please log in to https://secure.cometchat.com and create a support ticket for the same.

Also, It looks like you have created an app on app.cometchat.com which is CometChat Pro Dashboard. If you wish to use CometChat Pro, you can read the following documentation to get started.

Hope this helps.!


Any reference for OXwall framework code integration same as other framework you have provided

Hi @Joe,

CometChat Go support will be able to assist you with these query.

Warm Regards,

Ketan Yekale
CometChat Team

Any parameter for get all offline users in website

Hi @joe,

For CometChat Go queries, please login to CometChat Go dashboard and create a support ticket.

If you have any queries about CometChat Pro, please create a new support topic per independent query.

Warm Regards,

Ketan Yekale
CometChat Pro

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