I have made other user as admin but that user can't kick other users

I have just changed the scope of user as admin but that user is not able to kick other users from group.
Getting error:

The user with uid 1573715151404 does not have enough clearance to kick the user with uid 1573714535312 from group with guid abccc_3897.

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Hello @Pawan_Ramteke,

Here are the scope attributes:

  1. The group owner can kick admins, moderators as well as participants.
  2. Group admins can kick moderators as well as participants.
  3. Group moderators can kick participants.
  4. Group participants cannot perform any action.

Please, check with the same and your issue will automatically get resolved.

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@pushpsen.airekar what if group owner left the group?

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Hi @Pawan_Ramteke,

The REST API can be used to perform the group actions that can be done by owner.

Warm regards,

Ketan Yekale
CometChat Team

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