I'm new to cometchat and created a sample app with user id as super hero and got this error

I’m attaching my console error screenshot

Hello @sid17tiwai,

It looks like you are using v1.8.x version of our SDK with a v2 app. Please update to latest version of our SDK v2.0.6(stable) or v2.0.7-beta3(current beta). And update your code to use our v2 SDK. I am sharing the link of our migration guide below.


Hi thankyou so much for replying Yes I came to know that while going through other issues in forum

I am getting an error while using cometchat.appsettings that property does not exist on type of comet
Can I know why I’m getting this and if possible can you please provide a repository of basic chat app using cometxhat and Angular…

Thanks in advance