Inconsistent updating of the CometChatMessageListComponent

When 2 users chat with each other the CometChatMessageList doesn’t always update. This is happening in the local, staging and prod environment. Sometimes the message will appear sometimes not. Refreshing will make all the message appear. The message will always appear in the CometChatConversationList.
We updated to: @cometchat-pro/chat": “^3.0.9” and it is still an issue.
We are using the SDK.

Hello @vwbased,

Can you please let us know which UI Kit you are using along with the version of the UI Kit? Since the conversation list is being updated with the latest message, it seems you are able to receive the messages in real-time via the SDK. Once you share the details about the UI Kit, we can get this checked on our end and help you resolve the issue.

Warm Regards,

Mayur Bhandari

We are using the: cometchat-pro-react-ui-kit. I am not sure what version it is. I dug in our commit history to find the version: “version”: “3.0.2-beta1-1”,

Hi @vwbased,
We’d recommend using to our latest version (i.e. 3.0.6-1) of the UI Kit. We consistently keep releasing updates. It can be downloaded from the master branch here.