Ionic Missing Features


There are many features that should come with the Ionic ready sample app. I took asteroid knowing that it has all the features, one main feature voice & call is also not available.
– Voice & Video Call
– Smileys & Stickers
– Broadcast
– Send Audio Recording
– Whiteboard
– Send Location
– Handwrite

When do we expect support on these features? Looking forward


Hi @ridzler,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on this query.
As we have been in touch with you via email as well, I hope you have been given regular updates on the features requested by you that have gone live now. Please find documentation if not seen:

– Smileys: &
– Broadcast:
– Send Location:

For any updates on features added, please refer to our documentation at

For any clarifications or assistance on this please contact us through your CometChat dashboard.

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