IOS APNS CallKit end call bug!

Hi again, i’ve encountered yet another issue,
The issue:
1.Device A(real device) calling Device B(real device)
2.Call notification appears on Device B
3.I answer call from Device B
4.Call starts
5.I end call from app on Device B
6.Call ends in app and in callkit on device A
7.Call ends in app but callkit still shows call ongoing on device B

The code:
I’ve cloned this repo:
Followed the guide on implementing APNS from here:

Please reply, this is a serious issue!

Hi @radu.ghitescu,

You can use this documentation for receiving the calling events.

You can dismiss the call kit screen on onOutgoingCallRejected method

Pushpsen R. Airekar

onOutgoingCallRejected doesn’t get triggered on either devices when Device B ends call from the app.

Also, i’ve noticed another issue;
1.Answer call from Device B from callkit when device is locked.
2.Call starts, screen remains in callkit ui.
3.Call is ended from callkit on Device B (still locked)
4.Unlock phone
5.Go to CometChat app
6.Call is still ongoing in the cometchat app