iOS SF Symbol icons backward compatibility issue

I see the iOS comet chat pod uses SF Symbol icons. But it is available on iOS 13+ only. How do you suggest us to set icons for previous version support?


You can download SF symbols pack in your mac and generate the icons and use it for the devices below ios 12.

This will resolve your issue.

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Yes, but I’ll have to go to each and every line and add the “else” condition on UIImage System icons. Do we have a better solution for backward compatibility?

Hello @anupamchugh,

We are adding support for the SF symbols below iOS 12 in some days. We will update you once we release new UI Kit with this update.

Hello @anupamchugh,

We have release new version of UI kit with many improvements along with SF symbol support.

Also, you’ll be able to modify, enable/disable settings as per your requirements using new UIKitSettings class present in new version of UIkit.

Kindly, use new version from github.

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