Is there a way to set unread all messages from one conversation with the Javascript SDK 1.8?

In the documentation you have this method:


But, this just mark one message at once.

I saw that you solve this in the SDK v 2.0 but I’ve developed the entire app using your 1.8 version I don’t want to rebuild everything.

Some help please!

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Hello @cleibert
Unfortunately, there is no way to achieve this using the 1.8 version. We would suggest that if you are not live with CometChat so far, please consider migrating to v2 as it has a lot of optimisations and features. The migration can be done easily with very few changes in the actual code. The major issue would be to create a new app and you will lose all the previous data. If you can consider migrating to v2, please refer to the migration guide below:

Hope this helps

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