Is there any way to get notification on group activities

Currently, from the code, it seems like we need to subscribe and unsubscribe when a user gets added to the group, a user creates a group, when he delete group, exits from the group, or admin removes him from the group.

Is there any efficient way to add notification for group activities.

Hello @aksh0377,

On successful login, you can subscribe to all the groups the logged in user is part of by using the subscribe to all API call. But after login if you join a group or create a group or if you are added to a group, you have to subscribe to that particular group using the subscribe to a group API call. And after login if you are kicked/banned or if you leave a group, you have to unsubscribe from that particular group. And lastly, on logout you have to unsubscribe from all groups and then call CometChat.logout().

Currently, this is the flow of receiving push notifications for groups.

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