IsTyping is showing on All recent chats


I am an user of multiple groups.

When I start to type “MyName is Typing” should show only in the particular group or user but it is showing in all the groups where I’m a member and also that particular user.

addConversationListener in CometChatConversationList

To hide the typing message, - leave it empty inside override funcions onTypingStarted and onTypingEnded and isTyping will not show anymore.

But how to clear this issue, that need to show is Typing on particular user or group?

Hello MrBee,

We suggest you to please check and compare CometChatConversationList file and files under cometchatConversations module. We checked at our end and we are unable to replicate this issue.

Please check below sample app for reference.

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Hi, @MrBee
Hope you are doing well.

Hope this was helpful! I am closing out this ticket due to inactivity. Please feel free to write to us at if you require any further assistance.


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