Ld: framework not found JitsiMeet

Hi I have updated my Xcode to version Version 11.7 . My current cocoa pod version is 1.9 . I have tried to install pod ‘CometChatPro’, ‘2.1.0’ and pod ‘CometChatPro’, ‘2.1.1’ but i got same error that framework not found Jitsimeet. I have attached the screenshot. Can you please guide me. Thanks

Hi @salmancs43,

Please deintegrate pods completely from your project along with deleting the xcworkspace file, podfile and Podfile.lock. Once deleted successfully try the pod init followed by pod install commands. This should resolve the issue faced. Also, I tried creating a new App and I was able to integrate CometChat framework successfully. I am attaching the project for your reference. Please use the below link for downloading the project:


Let me know if you face any other issue. We will be happy to assist you.

Jeet Kapadia

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