Locale of calling screen

It is possible to change the language for calling screen?
I did not find anything about it in documentation.

Hello @dworki-itg,
Starting version 2.1.0, we do allow a certain level of customizations on the calling screen. In case you are not using 2.1.0, we suggest you upgrade to the latest version and try again as most of the texts available on the Calling UI have been removed in the latest version. Also, in the latest version, you can add your own buttons to the UI and customize the overall UI.
Please do let us know in case we can help you with anything else.

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Hi @dworki-itg,

I hope the information shared by Aditya was helpful. I am closing out this ticket due to inactivity. Please feel free to write to us at help@cometchat.com if you require any further assistance.


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