Message delete failed with error

I want to delete the message sent by the sender in the chat history. I am able to delete the message sent by me. However I am unable to delete the message which has sent to me by the sender.
When I am trying to the message sent by sender. I am getting error saying
code: “ERR_MESSAGE_NOT_A_SENDER”, message: “The user with uid 70 is not a sender of the message with id 36 to update/delete it.”
Can somebody help me to solve this error.

Thank you.

Hello @wikikids
This is the default behaviour of the SDK. Only the sender of the message can delete that message. In case of groups, only the sender of the message or the admin/moderator of thr group can delete any message.

Hope this helps. Do let us know if we can assist you with anything else.


Thank you. But how can a user delete sender’s message? Is there any possibility to delete sender’s message?