Messages not updating automatically until navigating to back or forward page in Ionic-cordova

We implemented Firebase in sample project also and we tested Notifications are coming as expected.But when user with in the chat page and sender sends a message to receiver “Typing” is working as expected but messages are not loading.

If user navigate back and come to chat screen then messages are loading. Same Happening in Sample app also.

Hello @chakri426,

When the user is on the chat page and the sender sends a message are you able to receive the message in the real-time listener (onTextMessageReceived)? Also, can you please elaborate more on messages are not loading. Are you facing issues with fetching messages from API? Can you share the code snippet of the MessagesRequestBuilder()?

Have you checked the response? If you are sending and receiving custom messages, you’ll have to write logic to display those messages in the chat-screen.html file. Please share the response you are getting from the MessagesRequestBuilder().

I checked our sample and it seems to be working fine on our end.

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I hope the information shared by Mayur was helpful. I am closing out this ticket due to inactivity.
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