Migrate data to a new CometChat app


In the thread we described some issues with the current CometChat app

Since we now don’t know how to resolve the found issues, we would like to try the only solution which works for us - to switch our prod environment to another CometChat application. At least, this helped us to fix all similar issues on local and stage envs. But on prod we already have many users, groups and messages and we would like to migrate them all to a new app “as is” if possible (with the same uuid, guid, all messages, attachments, and so on).

Do you have any tools which could help us to migrate safely on a new app? It would be great if we could do it this way:

  • we create a new trial app
  • all data is COPIED their from existing prod app
  • we switch prod app to this new app and test it for some time
  • if everything is okay - we upgrade this new app to the Moon 10k Plan (which we use now on the existing app)
  • we remove the existing app and leave the new one only.