"No available storage method found." in Google Chrome browser(incognito mode + iframe)

I think for some reason Cometchat Pro Javascript SDK is using local storage.
Does Cometchat Pro Javascript SDK support running without local storage?

@paco89lol CometChat should work perfectly in Incognito mode as well. While we use localstorage, it is supported in Incognito mode.

Are you using CometChat in an iframe? If yes, then you will have to allow third-party cookies (which includes localstorage).


@paco89lol On further analysis, if you block all cookies (including localstorage), you may get this error. If only third-party cookies are blocked, then you will not face this issue (which is usually the default behavior in Incognito mode).

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@anant.garg Yes. I am using iframe. Is it necessary to allow localstorage permission to make Cometchat work?

Yes, localstorage is required for CometChat. If your iframe is hosted on the same domain as your site page, then you should not face any issues.


@anant.garg I am trying to switch from Sendbird to Cometchat. In Sendbird, SDK is able to run a chatroom in Chrome under (incognito + iframe). What consideration does Cometchat concern forcing the SDK not to run? The error Cometchat SDK thrown is a custom error. Also, I noticed Cometchat SDK has different behaviours between browsers.
Microsoft Edge → work well
Firefox → work well
Chrome → throw Error
Opera → throw Error

@paco89lol can you please provide us with relevant code so that we can investigate this further?

Hello @paco89lol ,

Can you please share screenshot of settings page (Cookies and other site data) page of Google Chrome ?

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Mayur Bhandari

@mayur.bhandari I might update that information later.

Hello @paco89lol
I am closing out this ticket for now. Please reach out to us at help@cometchat.com if you require further technical help.


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