Not receiving notification when added to a group

There is no notification received when one user added to a group and not receiving any messages notification from that group until the user launches the app.

Hi @Pawan_Ramteke,

Please follow the below documentation for implementing Push notifications in your iOS App.

Please make sure you are subscribing to topic correctly when you are joining a group. Code for your reference:

let groupTopic: String = appID + "_group_" + group_guid + "_ios"

Messaging.messaging().subscribe(toTopic: groupTopic) { error in
                print("Subscribed to \(groupTopic) topic")

The documentation shared also contains the link of our iOS push notification sample app. You can refer it as well for implementing push notifications.

Do let us know if you face any other issue. We will be happy to assist you.

Jeet Kapadia

Hi @jeet.kapadia,

We have subscribed to the topic when the app launches. but what if when one user added to a group but he didn’t know until he opens the app.

Hi @Pawan_Ramteke,

At present CometChat uses topic based subscriptions for push notifications and we are aware that such scenarios will arise and that is why we will be moving to token based subscriptions for push notifications. You can track the progress in the Canny link. Here is the canny link of the feature request:

Jeet Kapadia


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