onMemberAddedToGroup is not called when a user is added to a group

We encountered an issue that surfaced a few days ago it seems.
When a user is added to a group by another user the onMemberAddedToGroup group listener is not
called anymore on the side of the user that is being added.
This worked in the past with the same code and CometChat SDK version.
We use CometChat SDK version 2.2.1.

// code on user that adds the other user to a group
await CometChat.addMembersToGroup(
  [new CometChat.GroupMember(uid, CometChat.GROUP_MEMBER_SCOPE.PARTICIPANT)],
//code on user that is added to a group
const GROUP_LISTENER_NAME = uuid();
  new CometChat.GroupListener({
    onMemberAddedToGroup: this.onMemberAddedToGroup,

Hello @Hendrik-Jan,
we have fixed the issue from server end, can you please check now and confirm if it’s working for you.

Yes I have tested it and it’s working again. Thanks a lot.

@Hendrik-Jan Thanks for conforming.

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