Page results of API Groups


I’m using the API to retrieve a list of Groups as detailed here

Is there anyway to page these results at all?


Hi Ryanek,

Yes we do provide an option to paginate the results based on certain query parameters -

  1. perPage - This will retrieve the number of groups to be fetched in a request. Default value will be 100 and maximum of 1000 groups can be fetched at a time.
  2. affix - This parameter determines whether to fetch the results before/after a particular timestamp.
    The timestamp can be createdAt or updatedAt value of group.
    Possible values for affix are append(after) and prepend(before).
    The default value for affix being prepend
    For eg: /groups?createdAt=1597755077&affix=prepend - This would fetch all the groups that were created prior to the passed timestamp.

Kindly refer this for details -

Hope this helps!

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That’s what I was looking for as this functionality was not entirely clear in the documentation.

Thanks Siva!


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