Poor Cometchat Response

Currently when a user is receiving messages on our mobile or website, sometimes the mesages are not showing. The user will have to exit the window, then reopen it (to refresh the page), and the messages will then come.

We are using Cometchat version 2.0 , will upgrading this resolve the issue, or is this a global issue?

Hello @flipspot,

This can be solved using connection listeners. You can add connection listeners to your website and then load the chat once connected.

Please refer to below documentation: https://prodocs.cometchat.com/docs/js-advanced-connection-listeners

So the messages are coming slow, and sometimes its not coming until i close and reopen the chat. By installing listeners this will be resolved, or is this an issue with the cometchat server response time? @pushpsen.airekar

is this for APK and IOS?

Is this available for 2.0 ? My Android developer is saying that it’s not available for our version, but you are saying it is available @pushpsen.airekar?

Hi @flipspot,

Can you please check with latest Android SDK v2.1.4 which includes connection listeners.

To know more about connection listeners, please check below mentioned documentation.

how do we upgrade to 2.1.4 we are getting errors
error: 2020-11-23 12:03:44.176 17808-17808/com.flipspot E/ContactListAdapter: Index -1

@darshan.bhanushali any support?


Can you please share the whole error log. So we can identify and help you to resolve your issue.