Prevision for ios browser support (video call)

Hello, I was implementing the JS package of CometChat on my website and the video/audio does not work on iOs browser (even safari).

With less than 10 minutes of googling I found this:

So here is the question: Is there a prevision for the safari (at least) implementation on iOs browsers?


Hello @Igor,

We are constantly working on providing support for iOS safari. We have a beta calling component which is released in v2.1.0-beta1. You can update to this version and it should work iOS safari without any issues. Please let us know if you face any issues.


Hello @mayur.bhandari, thanks for the answer.

Indeed, it is working, but with some glitches.

Would you have a prevision for the stable release of the v2.1.0?

Hello @Igor,

Providing a exact timeline is difficult since we are working on the component, adding customisation options as well. You might want to stay updated in this by following the below link.

Hope this helps.

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