Push Notification not received

When sending a message, most of the time, the push notifications are not being received.
I’ve tested manually sending a push notification from firebase using the same topic and it works. However, the push notifications from CometChat are not being received? Do you have any logs we can look at or anything for us to see because it’s very difficult to figure out what is the problem. I’m sure that the app has subscribe to both user and group notifcation because sending the message from Firebase console works.

Hello @jeraldo,

Can you please let us know on which platform are you facing this issue? Please share the SDK you are using along with the version of the SDK. Also, I would suggest you log in to the CometChat Dashboard and connect with us via the support system available from the CometChat dashboard for quicker replies.

Warm Regards,

CometChat Pro
Mayur Bhandari