Question about implementing additional features on cometchat pro

HI, my team is using the Cometchat pro SDK, could you confirm if CometChat has such in the box features or we will have to develop this on our end? (also if you don’t think it’s possible could you let us know)

  1. Mute a chat
  2. Pin a chat in home screen
  3. In a group chat, if i want to reply directly to a message can I pin the original message to my reply?
  4. Send an audio file and autoplay it in the chat screen
  5. Send a Contact from device phonebook

appreciate your help, thanks!

Hello @joellefungal
All the feature requests can be achieved using CometChat Pro SDKs but these features are not available out of the box. These will have to be implemented at your end as these are UI level changes. We do provide an option to add custom data related to messages, users and groups using the metadata property which can help you achieve all the above features at your end.
If you wish we add these features to our already available UI Kit, you can create a Feature Request for the same.
Hope this helps!

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