Question about the MAU metric

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We are browsing upon your available plans for CometChat today, and we noticed the MAU (Monthly Active Users) metric as there is an allotted number of MAU depending on the Plan selected. We are just wondering how one user is considered/flagged as a monthly active user? Is the user already considered active for the month upon the first message that is sent? Looking forward to hearing some clarifications about this topic. Thank you very much!

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Hi @jeremytorres,

The MAU calculated as the number of auth tokens using CometChat SDKs per month. The auth tokens are mapped with a user and device.

If a user logs in using two different devices, it will be treated as two MAU.
The auth tokens are created via API and used to log in to SDK. The login method from the SDK registers the device with an auth token.

The users logged-in using SDKs are considered as active users as even if they haven’t sent a message, the SDKs are still listening to the real-time events.


Hi @ketan.yekale,

I understand it now. Thank you very much for your response.

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