Read receipt not persisted

Dear CometChat staff, users,
We had implemented a chat instance for over a year now and recently, this week a new bug appeared for us: messages are not getting marked as read, despite the read receipts arriving. We’re in the EU region.

We mark each message with markAsRead() while the user has the chat open and it seems to work because the request goes through to the CometChat server and the other user / testing user in another browser will get the read receipt, the messages start appearing as read however on page refresh / chat reload / when we load the last few messages for each conversation or when querying the unread count with getUnreadMessageCount() those messages still get counted as unread.

Please advise,
Thank you!

Hi @beez,
As per our email conversation, this had been resolved at the time.
I am marking this post as solved or now.
Please feel free to reach out to us at for any further CometChat assistance.
Warm regards,

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