Read receipt playing up when APK sends message to web

Hi team,

We noticed that web-web messaging, read receipt is fine, and ios-web the read receipts are working fine, but when sending messages from APK, and receiver is on web, the read receipts are continuously jumping and providing a poor experience to the web user. please see this video

You can see what the issue i about. My developer said this is nothing we can do, as we are simply getting the response and displaying it, it seems that this is a Cometchat server issue.

Is there any solution to this please?

Can someone please respond to me…

Hello @flipspot
Can you please confirm if you are using the CometChat Android UI Kit or if this UI was built by your team? In case this is the CometChat UI Kit, this is a really old version and I would strongly suggest you migrate to the latest version of the UI KIt.
If this UI has been built by your team, the receiving of receipts needs to be handled correctly. It looks like the entire list is being refreshed when a receipt is received which is not ideal.
Can you please let us know if this is the UI Kit provided by CometChat and if it is, which version of the UI Kit and the CometChat SDK are being used.

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Aditya Gokula

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Hi @flipspot,

I am closing out this ticket as we are in conversation over email. Please write to us at if you need help with anything else.


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