Read recipt showing too fast

On web JS, when user is seeing read receipts, and as its moving down the page, its very fast and not smooth (like facebook or skype). we are trying to edit it but we cannot slow down the speed or make it smooth. can you help us urgently?

is there any solution or guide for this please??

any information on this issue please?

any solution for this please?

Can someone please help us with this urgently…

please can someone respond i have been very patient…

Can you please elaborate on the issue you are facing. A small video demonstration of the issue will help us greatly understand the problem and provide you with the right way forward.

Aditya Gokula

It’s not allowing to send videos here, so i’ve uploaded it onto youtube

any update on how to fix this please?

any solution to this please?

Hi @flipspot
We have reached out to you by email.
We will be happy to discuss this further and we can continue our conversation on intercom.
Henceforth I am closing this thread.


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