Received non-stop notification after adding a member to a group

Today two users were added to a group and our apps have received non-stop notifications (more than 99+) for each user. This happened for both platforms. Based on the screenshots more than 16k notifications were sent. 5k to iOS and 11k for Android.

Currently to disable the spamming of notifications to our users, I have deleted the auth key in Firebase Console. Can you clarify this issue from your end? This only happened for the group action message but not for notifications for Text Messages.

User @ Group Name
User was added to group "Group Name"
(see attached screenshot)

@aditya.gokula @nishant.tiwari

Hello @jeraldo,

We are looking into this. Please give us some time.

Thanks @pushpsen.airekar. Let us know if you need anything from our side.

Sure. I will let you know if anything requires. Meanwhile can you please elaborate the scenarios where this is happening?

This is for all messages or only when someone added another user in group.

Hello @jeraldo,

Instead of removing key from Dashboard, you can disable added action notification setting for groups from Push Notification Extension settings.
So that user will be able to receive other notifications.
Since, Push notification is very important feature which notifies user, we suggest you to add your FCM key so that they will be able to receive other notifications.
Meanwhile will investigate and fix the issue with added action notification.


You need to disable this settings. Also, can you provide your app ID via private message or email me on so that it will be easier to investigate.

Thanks @pushpsen.airekar. I’ll email you the app ID.
As for the notification, we want our users to be able to receive the notification when a group member is added to a group. The only issue is that when the 2 members were added to 3 groups, all our users received a ton of notifications. Our app currently has 75 users and in less than 10 minutes 16k notifications were sent out based on the Firebase report.

Okay Thanks @jeraldo. We will resolve it as early as possible.

Hi @pushpsen.airekar any updates regarding this issue?

Hello @jeraldo,

We have applied the fix and were in the process of monitoring the issue.
The issue should be resolved now.

Please check and confirm if it reoccurs or not.


Hi @jeraldo,
Hope you are doing well.

Hope this was helpful! I am closing out this ticket due to inactivity. Please feel free to write to us at if you require any further assistance.


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