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I have been using android SDK 2.0.3 and it has been a while with any update on the version or fixes on the issue that are on forum. Are you guys still providing android SDK support or that was the last supported version. Each issue that i have been facing is listed on the forum but i can’t find a solution of that issue on the forum. Are you guys on forum just to maintain a list of issue or even you guys are resolving them.

Hello @TheKieChan

Can you please let us know the issues you are facing. We do have a release in the pipeline and it should be rolled out by tomorrow end of the day.
It would be great if you could list down the issues for us so that we can check them at our end and try to resolve them before releasing the next version scheduled for tomorrow.


Hi @aditya.gokula

Thank god for replying. Let’s get the issue listed and resolved

  1. Echo on speaking & Loudspeaker on audio call
  2. Getting errors like:
    The following address failed 80
    and No response received within reply timeout. Timeout was 10000ms (~10s). Used filter: No filter used or filter was ‘null’

Hi @aditya.gokula

  1. Call activity not called on initiate after accepting the ring by accepter
  2. Slow Chat Message
  3. Video and voice call is not working
    I am facing the exact same issue reported in the issue no 5 and the file is also the exact same but still you guys haven’t answered that from the last 8 days
  4. Trouble with receiving push notifications on Android
    Even this issue i have been facing from the last 2 days but you guys haven’t answered that or resolved that from past 12 days

Hi @aditya.gokula

  1. Echo on speaking & Loudspeaker on audio call
    Even on the post 7 you have mentioned that you would be releasing the SDK soon with the issue fixed and that was 2 days back. So now would you be releasing the SDK now or it will be again tomorrow. I have been struggling integrating this SDK and now the deadline is so close the client is literally on my ass now. Even i don’t know what to do with the SDK and the bugs that are there in this SDK.

Sorry for the breakdown but had to go back to the notes and get the list of issues that I am facing because of all this my work has been hampered. Please look into this and provide an update as soon as possible even if you say it may take time or it’s not possible from your end then i will be okay and move to some other SDK what is the point if i am not able to even use the SDK. Simply waste of time

Hello @TheKieChan
Regarding the Echo on speaking & Loudspeaker on audio call issue:
I cannot provide you with a definite timeline for this.
All the other issues look like some minor implementation issues.
Can you please visit the below link and join us on slack:
Once you have registered, please search for Aditya Gokula and lets take this forward real-time

Hello @TheKieChan
We have released version 2.0.4 version of the Android SDK. For the change log you can visit the below link:

We would love to help you set up push notifications in your app too. Please log in to CometChat dashboard and get in touch with us so that we can help you better.


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