Release Note for Latest version 2.4.0

Hello Team,

Currently we are using sdk version 2.1.3.
We would like to know whats new in the new version ie 2.4.0 so that we can update client for the improvements.


hello team,

can anyone please reply to this thread?

Hello @Pawan_Ramteke,

Here are the release notes for SDK v2.4.0.

iOS SDK | v2.4.0 | :date: 1 July 2021:tada:
Separating Calling Component from Chat SDK.

After 2.4.0 you need to add Calling SDK explicitly in podfile.

   pod 'CometChatPro', '2.4.0'
   pod 'CometChatCalls', '2.1.0'

I hope this helps.

Pushpsen R. Airekar

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